Valentine’s Day Cards

Hello! I am so excited! This is my first time posting here, which means that I am officially part of the Design Team! yay!

Without further ado, let me show you what I made. We all know that we have technology meaning emails, social sites/communication to communicate faster and easy, we no longer use paper letters to communicate or to send messages, which is nice, however in the other hand is sweet to receive a letter by mail, don’t you think? I posted in my FB that I wanted to make a swap for Valentine’s day and it was a great success, I will be sending and receiving Valentine’s cards pretty soon!!


San Valentin Cards, SnapDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez

Thinking in the swap, I went to SnapDragon Snippets Store and looked for all the Valentine’s themed cards and I made a bunch! Hope you like them. Another purpose that I made to myself was to not buy Valentine themed papers and use my stash and even more to use my scraps, which I accomplished.

This first card it is totally my style, C&S, and it is called A2 Heart Card. I just changed the position of the big heart to center instead of the left upper corner as it is shown in the picture. Lovely isn’t it?

A2 HEART CARD, SnapDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez

My next card it is called A2 Inward Heart Card. I used Kraft paper for the base of the card, non-Valentine pattern papers,  distress ink at the borders, some half pearls. I also used the file Happy Birthday Phrase for the HAPPY word at the center of the heart, it can be find at the SnapDragon Snippets Store and at the Silhouette Design Store. As a final touch, I stamped the rest of the sentiment. 


A2 INWARD HEART CARD, snapDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez

The next card was made using the file Heart Card Kit that you can find at the Silhouette Design Store. I just use different colors of paper on a black cardstock, glittered paper for the hearts, stamped the sentiment, and there you have a beautiful Valentine Themed card.


HEART CARD KIT, SnapDragon Snipptes, Ruthie Lopez

For this card I used the file called Hearts Ribbon Panel Valentine Card, I used white, black, and red cardstock, very basic, but turned out beautiful. I added the faux stitches to the hearts and it gives it light! This file can be found at the Silhouette Design Store as Heart Ribbon Panel Valentine A2 Card.


HEARTS RIBBON PANEL VALENTINE A2 CARD, SnapDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez

 I just love this card, well… to be honest, I love all of them, but this is one of my favorites. It is called Patchwork heart key card, you can find it at the SnapDragon Snippets Store and at the Silhouette Design Store. The only Valentine Themed pattern paper used was the one with the hearts, the sentiment and the key were cut in a Christmas gold paper :) So far, so good with my challenge!


PATCHWORK HEART KEY VALENTINE CARD, SnapDragron Snippets, Ruthie Lopez

This card it is called Computer Circuitry Valentine 5×7 Card, super cute! I used vanilla, and pink cardstock for the card, red, vanilla, black and red cardstock for the USB. I stamped a sentiment in pink and a little heart in glittered red cardstock.


COMPUTER CIRCUITRY VALENTINE 5X7 CARD, SnapDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez

The last but not the least, this is called called Love A2 Card. I love it! Actually the word Love is cut out, you can use a clear sheet or leave it the way it is, I didn’t use the clear sheet. The paper used in the Love is the same as the key in the one above.


 LOVE CARD A2, SnapDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez

What do you think? I just love SnapDragon Snippets files, there are so easy to put together, it took me like 3 hours to cut, glue and stamps all the cards. Not bad, right?

Which one is your favorite?

As you can see, the challenge was completed!!!

See you next time!


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