Trees for December Daily page

 Hello Crafty Friends! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day!! I am so thankful for being here, to have the great opportunity to create projects for your inspiration.

Now, for this inspirational post, I made a foundation page for my December Daily; is my purpose for this year, so in order to have my December Daily ready  and to not fail I have my foundation pages ready to fill our with pictures and memories of one of the best seasons of the year.

For this page, I used the following files:


 You can see the page by itself in here.  From left to right.   First is the Faux Stitches Tree, then the Nested Squiggle Tree and the last but not least one  of the 3 Patterned Tress.

For the Faux Stitches Tree I wanted to actually stitched it, but I couldn’t find the right needle for the bakers twine that I wanted to use so I cut the same three without the Faux stitches in red to put it underneath it.

 The next tree is the Nested Squiggle Tree, I wanted to five some texture to my page, I cut the base and the yellow part in cardstock, and the last (top) part, was cut it in cardstock as well to use it as a template, to cut the tree in felt. I loved how it turned it out.


The last tree is one of the 3 Patterned Tress, I didn’t like to ornaments, so I just hand cut them out.

Hope you like it!!

See you next time!!


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