Thanksgiving Card

  Hello Crafty Friends! Hope you are doing great!!! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am getting everything ready!!

This time, for your inspiration I made a card and some pumpkin chocolate holders.

 First, let me show you the card, the file is called Cornucopia Stencil Impossible Card, which is a different but a beautiful card!! Quite challenging to make but with the great tutorial Jodi made for us, it’s easy to put all together. You can find the tutorial here.

The card can be used as a place card or just to give to family or friends.


Now lets go into the next project, the file is called Pumpkin Candy Place Card, it is great to decorate those mini chocolates and give to a friend.


Those Pumpkin Candy Place Card are super cute!! I just love them!!


Hope you like them!


Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

See you next time.


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