Summer Time

Hello crafty friends!!! Today is my turn to showcase an inspirational project for your!! I hope you like it!!

Since we are already in summer time! I though in making something related to the beach!! when I say this file, I fell in love with it!  Your will too!!

Flip Flop 3D Box, SnaDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez 2

I used the file called Flip Flop 3D Box.  This is perfect for a birthday candy box when using beach theme or Hawaiian theme; for decoration or just to give it away with candies, chocolates, a gift card, or a small gift.

In my case, I decided to use it as decoration at work :) I will put it at my desk :)

Flip Flop 3D Box, SnaDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez 3

To make the flip flop set or pair of sandals, first I cut the original file (I did it this order to not get confused with all the parts), after finishing putting together the first Flip Flop, then I mirrored the file and deleted the original (to not cut everything again and once more get confused) before cutting it.

Believe me, I have had bad experiences if I don’t do it each by each one.

You can follow the tutorial (see link below), but these files are really easy to put together.

Flip Flop 3D Box, SnaDragon Snippets, Ruthie Lopez 4

I put some chocolates inside.

I hope you like it!!! I love it!!

You can find the design at the Silhouette Design Store and at the Snapdragon Snippets Store.

Also, you can follow the tutorial and you can find it here: Tutorial.

See you next time!


2 thoughts on “Summer Time”

  1. They look wonderful. I know what you mean by keeping track of the left and the right parts – it can be tricky. Love what you did with this file, and so happy you commented that the files are easy to work with. That is what we aim for, of course. Nice to hear.

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