St. Patrick’s Day!

Today I’m sharing with you a few projects for St. Patrick’s Day. You can find these items in the SnapDragon Snippets store.


Shamrocks trio mini favor basket 

Shamrocks-trio-mini-favor-basket-SnapDragon-Snippets-Hilda-Luevano Shamrocks-trio-mini-favor-basket-SnapDragon-Snippets-Hilda-Luevano-0

Shamrock Light Bulb,
Gift Card Pkg Sleeve Bar Bracket and  Arch Banner

Shamrock-Light-Bulb-SnapDragon-Snippets-Hilda-Luevano-0 Gift-Card-Pkg-Sleeve-Bar-Bracket-SnapDragon-Snippets-Hilda-Luevano

Shield shaped banner pair and Shamrock a2 top fold card



I sure enjoyed making this.   Thanks for stopping by and visiting. 

Hugs Hilda

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