Box 3D Heart Puffy

How are you! Here again to share with you a romantic idea. And it is also so sweet … For this project I have used two files, among them a launch file that I loved.




It is a great idea if, in addition to the gift, you like to deliver something completely special and personalized. The 3D heart is the ultimate! I enjoyed the cut and armed of it too!

Box_3D_Heart_SDS_4The chest of drawers I have armed with the file Four Drawers Box with 3D Flower, something delicate but in the end it looks great!

Box_3D_Heart_SDS_5And for the 3D heart I used one of the new files that are already in the store, it is the Puffy 3D Heart for Display Stand file.

Box_3D_Heart_SDS_6                                               A great idea for these dates!                                                     It has been a pleasure to share with you!


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