Paper Crafting Ideas for the Holidays

Paper crafting is an activity enjoyed by many, especially during the holiday season. Whether it’s for decoration or for gifts, paper crafting is a special art that involves a lot of patience and perseverance; that’s why it’s such a great idea to paper craft!

Snap Dragon Snippets is here to share 15 paper crafting ideas for the holidays!

  1. 3D Paper Snowflakes – wikiHow – 3D paper snowflakes look beautiful hanging in a window or on a wall. Fun for kids or adults, they are easy to make. Some like them for the Winter Holidays or just for the winter; you can use them any time!
  2. DIY Winter Mobile – Hang these decorative snowflakes anywhere! Cut these paper-crafting patterns with an easy to cut out guide in the photos.
  3. DIY Christmas Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Here are some cheap and easy Christmas toilet paper roll crafts to make with the kiddos! Just find some recycled empty toilet paper tubes in your home and you have endless art projects for the holidays!
  4. Paper Crafting Ideas for Christmas – Holiday paper crafting ideas for Christmas! Use it for gift wrapping décor, stand up decorations, slip envelopes, Christmas tree paper craft, wine bottle decoration, and more.
  5. Holiday Paper Craft Cookie Basket – Share your baked goods in style with this easy DIY cookie gift basket made from a paper plate. Cheap and easy treat packaging.
  6. DIY Ballerinas Snowflakes – Ballerina snowflakes are beautiful paper crafting ideas for the holidays, especially for your daughters who just love the elegance of ballerinas floating around.
  7. Elf Yourself – Christmas isn’t complete without Santa’s elves! Your family and friends will enjoy seeing their faces as an elf! Decorate your own elf to your liking!
  8. Recycled Magazine Christmas tree – This holiday season, using recycled paper magazines is the best material for paper crafting this recycled Christmas tree. This is an easy, cheap way of getting new decorations for the holidays!
  9. Christmas tree Paper Star – This project is adapted from the book Home-Made Christmas by Tessa Evelegh, which incidentally has lots of other fun Christmas crafts. These star Christmas ornaments will look lovely hung on your Xmas tree on in your window!
  10. DIY Five Point Stars – Paper crafting five-point stars is a striking yet somewhat intricate craft. These stars make beautiful garlands and decoration. These stars can be used as gift-toppers too. As an added bonus, a six point star guide is also available at the given link.
  11. Origami Eight Point Star Paper – This makes paper crafting Christmas stars craftier. These origami stars can be used as garlands or gift decorations.
  12. Origami Christmas tree – For paper crafting Christmas trees, origamis are another beautiful addition to your paper crafting decorations this holiday season.
  13. How to Make a Star Christmas Tree Ornament – Christmas trees are very exciting to decorate with different ornaments! How about making something for your own Christmas tree, made from paper crafting?
  14. Froebel Star – German Christmas Star – these German paper crafting stars are best known for being great gift ornaments. Around Christmas time in Germany, you see these stars everywhere. They are called “Fröbelsterne” and make lovely tree and window decorations, embellishments for garlands and wreaths and are also lovely package toppers. No matter which color you choose, the stars are very appealing.
  15. Old Book Page Ornament – Finally, something for the vintage loving folks! Old book pages are great alternative to crafting papers especially if you’re into vintage. Adorn your Christmas tree with these old book page ornaments.

Snap Dragon Snippets also has its own range of paper crafting ideas in place. Use our handy dandy Advanced Search option at the upper leftmost part of our website. We have 3D designs, paper crafting designs, and even scrap book designs. Enjoy the holidays and paper crafting!

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