Happy New Year

Hello Crafty Friends!! Hope you had a great time over the holidays, we still have one more to go!! Because the New Year coming up I decided to make a card, I choose for this occasion the file called Toast to the New Year sz 10 card. Toast-to-the-New-Year-sz-10-card,-Ruth-Lopez,-My-Hobby-My-Art,-SnapDragon-Snippets This card is beautiful!! A little big but it fits a standard office no. 10 envelope. Toast-to-the-New-Year-sz-10-card,-Ruth-Lopez,-My-Hobby-My-Art,-SnapDragon-Snippets-2 I made the base of the card on dark gray and the background on pink, I love the combination. The flute wine glass was cut in gold and to pair with it, I added some Rhinestones at the upper right corner. Toast-to-the-New-Year-sz-10-card,-Ruth-Lopez,-My-Hobby-My-Art,-SnapDragon-Snippets-3 I hope you like it! Have a wonderful and crafty 2019!! The file used is called Toast to the New Year sz 10 card. which you can find at the SnapDragon Snippets Store and at the Silhouette Design Store. Ruthie

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